Thursday, 2 June 2016

Quest 2.3- Tips and Tricks for Writing a Great Blog Post

For this quest, we were asked to write some tips on what make a blog post captivating, engaging and interesting for all. I hope this list will help some fellow writers to improve their writing.
  • Make sure that you format it like a good structure paragraph- a topic sentence to summarize the post that is engaging
  • A captivating title
  • Citing your sources shows that you’re doing your research
  • Pictures or videos to appeal to the visual learners so they don’t get overwhelmed with so many words
  • Don’t just state the facts, have an opinion about the topic to get the reader thinking
  • Ask questions to get the reader to think and get them engaged while reading
  • Make it concise so that the audience can take away the important aspects of the post without spending too much time reading it
Let me know in the comments if you agree or other things you think make a great post.

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